With an outstanding background as a professional player and over 25 years of teaching experience, Bill Madafferi brings both his passion and expertise to the court, helping you believe & achieve!


I, like many of the kids that start tennis, love the game and getting outdoors. As a youngster, my skills progressed and I grew to love all aspects of the game, the social side of it, the competition and the discipline.


As my skills developed, I then took the game on seriously. I am a former 2 x Victorian Schooboys Champion, number 1 in Victoria and was an elite junior tennis player. 

I have been coaching for 25 years. I understand that before you can produce a champion you have to create a love for the game. 

We at TennisMad believe in that philosophy. Create a love for the game and the inner champion will reveal itself. 

What some happy tennis students say:  

"Thanks TennisMad! I've had the pleasure of being coached by a number of the senior coaching staff at TennisMad and can recommend them all. James and Bill are particularly great."


- Jacquie Blackman, Camberwell

"We love being coached by Bill. Bill has coached the whole family since the kids were young. His approach suits us exactly; teaching all the essential skills mixed in with just the right amount of fun."


- Sharon Francis, Canterbury

"Great team of coaches, with a good range of classes and sessions to suit the whole family. Recently had some private classes with Ryan who was really knowledgable and easy to train with."


- Gordon Elliott, Kew